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General info
Name: Lamdaprocs Knife 35/1hp[Remusic][hats][SteamVIP]
Game: Counter-Strike 1.6
Address: France Port: 27017
Last update: 7 minutes 10 seconds ago
Status: Online

Server rating
Global rang: 0
Uptime: 78.1%
Added to the system: 10.05.2018

Players stats
Players on the server: 16/32

Owner: Umbrella-Hunter (Is that you?)
Website: No information

Server management
Map: 1hp_dark

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Now playing on the server
1[IL] Try2KillMe18
2[RO] Eye to Eye17
3[MK] 乡Old King Thanos乡13
4[DZ] (-__-)12
5[GE] lasha proo 2006 qartveli7
7[RO] xXPandaXx4
8[LT] love you to4
9[NL] h0lySh!T2
10[RS] outlander2
11[DZ] JusT Glock0
12[AL] AE^0
13[RS] exYU0
14[BA] Chudy0
15[RO] SuperEd0
16[MK] monika:D0
Skype Contact : OMONAS
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